Big Days!

Life has been CRAZY this past week. We're still living with Leigh & Andy and we're here for another 8 days. My heart is so torn between treasuring our last few days here in South Africa, and looking forward to all that is ahead of us in Vermont. Transition is always a crazy place to be.

My sweet niece's first birthday party is on Saturday!!! She LOVES everything music, so we're of course having a little rock and roll party for her :) I'm so glad that we'll be able to celebrate her big day before we head back to the States. She is Peyton's best friend, by far, so I'm glad that Peyton can be at her party (even if they won't remember it!!)

I'm so thankful for little Miss Norah's life. She is such a ray of sunshine and a complete sweet heart. She loves her Aunt Claire :) she's stolen my heart with her sweet open mouthed kisses and her chubby little embraces! I love it when she reaches for me and giggles shyly when I say her name. And the thing I love MOST about her is her obvious affection for Peyton. They truly adore each other! I pray that they will be able to be close friends despite the physical distance between them.

(My sister, Me & our friend Marysol) 
On another note... Remember my friends Marysol and DeWet? I mentioned them a couple days ago, how they are adopting a son at the same time as expecting their biological daughter to be born! Well... Yesterday was THE BIG DAY!!! They were able to meet their son for the first time (he's not home yet, but they were able to hold him and love him for the first time!) His name is Knox DeTian and he's a beautiful little man :) Well... just after spending an hour with their son, his sister decided it was time for them to meet her as well! Marysol went into labor just after meeting little Knox!! They welcomed their daughter early this morning... Evangeline Ahnay :) I just think this is such a perfect part of their beautiful story!!! The Blomerus' are some of the friends we've met here in South Africa who Bryan and I will miss a lot when we head back!!! They are the kind of people you can't meet without them having an impact on your life. Their faith and motivation in life are inspiring and infectious!

I hope you're all doing well! I've said it a million times, but it needs to be said again... I hope to keep up with all of your blogs a little better once life settles down for us! Thank you all for being a part of this journey and for sending your prayers and love along the way. You are SO appreciated!

3 comments:* said...

Oh my GOODNESS. What BEAUTIFUL NAMES!!!! Knox & Evangeline! WOW!!!!!!!

Praying for you for the next BUSY DAYS!

Hope all is well!

Stephanie M. Page said...

Praying for you as you transition!! What precious pictures. =)

Anonymous said...

Lots of prayers for you!!! :)
Have a whole lotta fun at your niece's party :)