Waiting on Normal.

Life has been anything but normal the past few weeks.... (okay make that the past few months.) I have to admit, I'm just waiting on normal. As much as I dread the goodbyes in my near future--I find myself anxiously awaiting crossing the threshold of our new home... plopping my bags down and taking a spin around my new normal. I'm ready for a routine.

And then I remember, we still have a long way to go to getting settled. I remember that we still have to go through the whole job hunt experience. I remember that I have a new baby coming (equalling a newer new routine).... and I remember... that life is never really, truly normal.

But hey, a girl can dream.... right?

........................and God will give me grace as I keep on waiting on normal.

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Stephanie M. Page said...

Life following Jesus is always an adventure, BUT there are seasons of life, and soon enough you will be out of the traveling season and into a more stable one! Enjoy each moment...the grass is always greener. ;)