I'm back.

I can't believe it's already been a week since we left South Africa. It honestly feels like we just got back to the States yesterday. Being back is surreal, to say the least. Our heads are spinning! We have been busy, busy, busy since we got off the plane!!! We spent our first day with my parents getting a couple necessities for our home, and then the first night back Bryan's mom arrived to visit! (she stayed with us) We've loved spending time with her and will miss her when she heads back to MN today. It was definitely refreshing to have some "happy hello's" after saying so many sad goodbyes.

I feel like I haven't exactly had time to sit and just think about this huge change that has just happened... I have enough on my mind just trying to get my bags unpacked (eek, yes! some of them are STILL not unpacked!) let alone to process all the thoughts flying through my mind 24/7 about everything in my life that just overhaul changed.

There are the obvious things that I've HAD to process... like driving on the right side of the road... paying in Dollars instead of Rand... actually having a Walmart nearby... Not needing to turn on the hot water 30 minutes before I want to shower or do dishes... Not tipping the cart boy in the parking lot.... (hee hee)... Seeing brand new suburban palaces as opposed to tin shacks on the side of the road... Seeing a whole lot of white people everywhere I look... The list goes on. There are so many ups and downs to this whole process, I'm just trying to find my head in it all. Adjusting to this new life is going to take time... I can tell.

But I never want to forget the things I've seen... the people I've met, the world I've lived in. And I won't. It's not possible.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Claire!! It's Emily Kissell! I began to laugh as you explained the culture shock...but now I'm choking up a little because I'm remembering how much I miss Bolivia! It's a hard process and talking about it helps the most! Every time my family gets together we ALWAYS end up talking about Bolivia. It really helps in the process. Talk a lot to God about your experiences and Brian too!
Also, call me anytime! :) I am so happy you got back safely and am praying for you and your family!

Love, Emily :)