What My Life is About

As I scroll down my blog page, I notice one very obvious recurring theme. Parenthood. I realize that this blog has become less and less a place of creative outlet, and more and more a place of a journal through parenting.

On one hand, that saddens me, because I miss the days when I could sit at my computer and just allow my thoughts to flow freely, wandering whichever way the "wind" blew them. But on the other hand, I just have to smile. Because this transition makes all-too-perfect sense. This blog has become primarily about parenthood because my life has become primarily about parenthood.

Each day I wake up and I prepare myself and my home for my daughter to wake up. I pray for patience, love and sensitivity to be a good mommy. I clean the house so that my daughter will have space to play. I mix her porridge so that she can be fed at the same moment she realizes she's hungry. I light a candle so that she will always remember our home as a sweet smelling place. I open her toy chest, gather her favorite books in a stack, and ready myself to read the same one 12 times over. My life is about being a mother. Perhaps that daily routine sounds out of this world boring to some of you, but to me, I can only think that I am creating a lifetime of memories for one little girl. And not just any little girl! The little girl who I love and cherish more than any other human being on the face of this planet. My little girl. And someday soon, I will do the same things for her sister.

If my life ends, and all I have to show for it is daughters who know they were loved by their mother, then that will have been enough.


~The Harrison Family~ said...

Amen and Amen! I still have something I've been wanting to send you...but I still haven't ordered it. Sorry for the delay.

Motherhood is such an important role and such a blessing too! Hugs to you friend! Can't wait to see your new little bundle soon ♥

Ria Thurston said...

beautiful. just that!

Krystle said...

Ah too :)

Becky said...

this post really inspired and blessed me. God is using you to inspire other moms like me...I hope you realize that! :)
God Bless,

Sara Pugsley said...

Claire, two years ago I would have laughed out loud reading this, not understanding it. Now, the Lord has brought me full circle, and I sit here thinking about my little girl, struggling with a cold. And now, I understand what it means to be a servant-leader, a surrendered woman, a mother. And to love so deeply that it seems unbearable.

Truly His said...

AHHHH!!!! Tears flow down my face!! Beautiful!!!