Family Love

When I wrote this post and declared that January would be the month of Increased Love, I had no idea how that would end up revealing itself in the coming days. I also had no idea how God would bring this about. And yet, here I am, on January 6th, already baffled at how God is teaching me about Love and how He is increasing it in my life.

On January 2nd or 3rd, we turned on our TV to find out that we had lost over half our channels. We've never paid for television, we were just able to pick up about 80 channels simply by plugging our cable in to the wall. Well, due to new upgrades, we've lost all but about 20 channels. And the 20 channels that are left, aren't really chock full of entertaining stuff, to be honest.

As I sat down with my kids the other evening, I realized that losing our channels was a way in which God was increasing the love in my home. Without the temptation of TV, we are left with much more time to spend with one another in the evenings. It's amazing how TV can consume so much time without our even realizing it. So as disappointed as I was when I first realized that I won't be able to watch many of my favorite shows, I'm also overjoyed. Because God is teaching me about increasing the love in my home. And I can do that by spending more focused time with my family without the distraction of the TV.

God is teaching me about setting aside my priorities, and placing my kids priorities at the top of the list. I am learning to let the housework wait a few minutes so I can have that tickle war on the living room floor with my girls. I am learning to rock my baby to sleep for a few extra lullabies. I am taking time for extra early morning snuggles, afternoon giggles, and bedtime stories.

This first week of January, God is increasing my love for my family. He is increasing the way I give love, and the way I receive it. He is increasing my desire to be a loving wife and mother and decreasing my desire to be selfish. Oh, I still am selfish. I'm all kinds of selfish. But... as He increases my love, He is increasing my understanding of His love. He is patient with me. Patient, kind and gracious. To know the increase of love in my life, is to know the increase of God in my life. And there is nothing but good in that.


Lib at Truly His said...

what a great way to see what God is teaching you, Claire!!

Alfonso Ohana said...

God works in mysterious ways! How great is our God. I have a similar "resolution" for this year. Focusing more time and energy towards the more important things in life and not worrying about the housework like you said.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

That's so great. So glad you're able to see Him and what He wants you to do in losing those channels.

I hope you enjoy those tickle sessions and snuggle times. :)
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Melissa said...

God must love how teachable you are! I think it rocks!

We've never had TV stations our entire marriage .. and I doubt we ever will. Not that we don't struggle with other time wasters, but I love the peace in our home without that extra noise! (and it IS a blessing that Netflix and Hulu exist .. we definitely use those on Friday nights!)

Enjoy those beautiful babies!!!