Life Lately

I guess it's been a while, huh?

Life with 3 under 3 is a whirlwind to say the least! Most days I barely have time to make it to the bathroom, let alone write a blog post! And I usually love to put time and thought into my posts... but I have this feeling, that if I'm going to be posting at all, I'm going to need to become okay with posting on the fly ;)

Hunter is doing really well. He's growing bigger and bigger every day! His big sisters adore him and all our hearts are full to overflowing!

In all honesty, I do feel like the transition from 2 to 3 has actually been harder than it was going from 1 to 2... and that was hard! Maybe it's just the age difference between Britany and Hunter, but it feels really difficult to juggle all 3 of them. God is giving me grace, and I know we'll get the hang of it, but for now there's lots of racing around and definitely lots of messes.

Peyton is getting ready to turn 3 at the end of this month! I can hardly believe it! She loves learning and knows 5 full passages of Scripture that she quotes every night. She also loves talking about shapes and colors, and identifying letters and numbers. She's gotten really good also at identifying the different types of birds we see out our window! She knows robins, blue jays, tufted titmouses, chickadees, woodpeckers and sparrows. She is learning to draw her letters and loves to draw pictures of people and animals. She loves painting, playing with "moon dough" and racing around the house with Daddy :)

Britany will be 17 months on the 7th of May! She's such a sweetheart. She started walking late, but now she's practically running all over the place! She LOVES climbing on everything and gets so excited when we go to the playground. She loves to dive down the slides headfirst, which is a little scary :) But it's fun to see how passionate she is about enjoying life! She loves to eat and will loudly give her opinion of whatever she's having :) She really enjoys playing with her siblings, and particularly adores Hunter right now. He's definitely a novelty for her. She gently caresses his cheek with hers and loves to give kisses. She's very affectionate and loving. She can hold her own though and won't be bossed around by big sister! Her favorite time of day is bathtime! And she's learning her body parts. She's starting to form words and says "bird" the most. She also can say "done", "bath", "momma", "dadda" and "gate" (which means Peyton!)

Hunter will be 2 months old next week. Wow. Time has flown by! He just started batting at his toys today!!! He has great strength in his neck/head and he LOVES to have tummy time. He looks deeply into our eyes when we hold him. His thick gorgeous blond hair is starting to curl slightly at the ends. He is a great, quick eater and loves it when his big sisters burp him :) He really loves it when we put his swing or bouncy chair in the sunshine so he can sunbathe. He quiets right down when riding in the hotsling or Moby, and he loves to be wrapped tight in a warm blanket. He takes 2 long naps during the day and then little catnaps throughout the rest of the day. He usually has his first nighttime feeding at 2am after a few cluster feeds in the late evening. He's finally beginning to put on a little bit of pudge! Such a cutie.

All in all, life is busy but wonderful.

Hopefully I'll be back with a better post soon, but for now, I wanted to jot down a few things I know I won't want to forget when this season is over :) It sure is going quickly.


Emily grapes said...

So glad things are going well. I'm sure its crazy with 3 under 3, so I hope things smooth out for you soon. :)

Loved the little update on your family. Hope YOU'RE doing well!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

YAY! :) I can only imagine the challenges that come with 3 under 3 but from what I can see (and read from your post) you are embracing it which is SO important!!! :)

Hunter sounds sooo cute and a LOT like our little Jude. He LOVES being swaddled/wrapped tightly!

Blessings to you!!!