Some News!

"Like arrows in the hands of a mighty warrior are the children of one's youth. Happy is the man whose quiver is full." 

Just wanted to drop in and announce that our fourth "arrow" is due on June 6, 2013 :) We are thrilled beyond belief to be adding our family once again :) I am 9 weeks, 2 days pregnant.

So, my lovely blog readers, I hope you're ready for another 7 full months of bump updates, belly pictures, a gender reveal, a name announcement, and then of course, a fourth beautiful birth story :)

I took this picture a week ago, but wow, huh? That's what we call 4 babies in 4 years. Doesn't take long for a belly to pop when your body is so used to carrying a baby in there :) I still haven't had my first appointment, but I can't wait to see our newest little bean in there!

I'm feeling great... I get sick at night which I'm grateful for because my body seems to wait until my kids are in bed before I'm really feeling my worst. I'm thankful for that grace. I'm definitely tired and keeping up with my three isn't easy while growing a fourth, but I'm grateful and joyful in the midst of it. I don't mean to paint a false picture of all roses, I just know that I am blessed and I don't ever want to take forgranted the miracles of life that are my FOUR (!!!!) children.

I'm hoping to get back to regular blogging soon! So stay tuned :) :)

Lots of Love,


Katie said...

How exciting! So happy for you and your family! Looking forward to you being back blogging too :)

Olga Marquez said...

aww lady!! Congrats!! I am also expecting my 4th and im due May 21st, so we are only like 2 weeks apart!

Emily grapes said...

Holy cooooow!!! Congratulations! I hope the sickness stays at night for you so you can take care of your 3 babies!!! Love it!

Callie Nicole said...

Congratulations again, Claire, so happy for you guys!

Hannah said...

Congratulations! Hope this means we get more frequent updates. :D Miss hearing from you!

Tracey VanSickle said...

Wonderful news. A baby is always a blessing of the highest sort. Simply wonderful. I'm excited to hear about your pregnancy and to keep up with it here!