Britany Zoe is TWO!

I can't believe I'm really sitting down to write this post. But here we are, December 7, 2012 and that means that my sweet Britany is really 2 years old.

Two years ago today, welcomed our sweet girl into this world. Her birth was by far the easiest out of my three kids. It was a relatively calm experience and I felt so peaceful during it. I loved the doctor who delivered her and I can remember laughing at a joke she made while pushing! You can read Britany's birth story here.  And if you're interested in reading about Britany's first year of life, you can do that too ;) 
First picture with Daddy
First picture with Mommy
First picture with BIG sister Peyton

This has been a big year in Miss Britany's life. When she was 15 months old, she became a big sister! She couldn't have made a better transition. Britany has been the most loving, caring, nurturing "little mommy" to little Hunter. 

I was worried about how she would react to him at first, since she's always been Mommy's girl and has been very attached to me. I remember the night before he was born, I rocked Britany to sleep in my arms and just wept. I couldn't believe that my baby was really going to be the big sister. In a way, I had to grieve that she was no longer going to be my baby. (I know it sounds weird, but moms of more than one kid, I think you'll get it!) But as soon as she met little Hunter, she was in love. She gave him kisses constantly and every morning when she woke up (actually she STILL does this!) she looked for Hunter first thing to give him a good morning kiss and hug. 

Still to this day she is so concerned about Hunter always. If she hears him crying she's sure to let me know so that I can take care of him. She brings him toys and food (sometimes food he's not supposed to have haha) and likes to help with his diaper changes and dressing him. He's her own real life baby doll ;) 

Britany's relationship with big sister Peyton has only continued to grow. They are best friends and the perfect playmates. Of course they fight, but they fight a lot less than they get along. They are always looking out for one another and always coming up with new games to play :) I'll often look over and find them both squished in a laundry basket together with blankets, pillows and stuffed animals going on a "train ride" or building a fort. They LOVE to be together. 
Loving each other!
Waiting for Mommy & Daddy to come home from the hospital
Playing in the stream this past summer in VT
Painting together

Feeding the ducks at the waterfront in VT

Loitering ;) in Burlington VT

 Britany is a joy to be around and is such a wonderful part of our family. We wouldn't be who we are without her. She has a sweet, sensitive side that brings out the most tender parts in me.

Britany is full of life and definitely full of LOVE. She has this way of hugging that makes you feel like you could never let go. She melts into you and holds you so close you can feel her heart beat. She gives the most slobbery kisses and has this crinkly nose way of smiling. She runs around so quickly and is always the busiest little Bee. She always has some "mission" or task that she's accomplishing, but she's never too busy to be interrupted for a kiss :) She's been practically BEGGING me to potty train her even though I've been hesitant, but my sweet girl will get her wish as underwear will be one of her presents :) She wants to do EVERYTHING that Peyton does and can't be left out. She loves to have her tummy and back tickled and will loudly request it until you comply :) Britany is our affectionate one. She's loving, tender, compassionate and sweet. She's chubby cheeks and chocolate brown eyes. She's silky soft skin and tough little bare feet. She's an infectious laugh and a pitiful whine. She's a little sister, and a big sister. She's our wise old owl who can empathize with anyone, and she's our shy little bird hiding behind my legs when strangers pass. She's breathtakingly beautiful.

I really can't believe she's 2 today. It feels like yesterday we brought her home from the hospital... pink and warm and snuggly.

We love you Britany Zoe. And we wouldn't trade you for the world.

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Emily grapes said...

I absolutely loved this post about little BZ... can I call her BZ?? ;)

I always so so enjoy how you talk about your kids. Its so tender and full of love! I still remember way long ago when you said you wanted to light a candle every morning so when they came out they'd have that great scent and remember that it always smelled good when they get older. Not sure if you still do that, but I love how you think of them and create memories.

Happy Birthday to Britnay!!
Emily at Amazing Grapes