Every Day in May: Biggest Fear

Well, look at me. I already have missed a couple days of the Blog Every Day in May challenge. But since you all already knew that would happen, I guess I won't apologize ;) I'll probably miss a few more too because my dear Mommy is coming to visit this month! So I, of course, will be busy loving on her and enjoying her company and blogging will probably take another notch down on the totem pole. 

Day 7, Tuesday: The thing(s) you're most afraid of

I think there's one thing that we're all universally most afraid of. (I think) and that's losing a loved one. That's something that I definitely think of often, and I imagine we all do. BUT since I don't love to dwell on the darkest parts of my fears, I'm going to go with a little bit more of a silly fear of mine.... but still a very, very valid fear in my life.

I am very afraid of throwing up.

Please, stop laughing.

No really, stop.

I genuinely am terrified of throwing up. Flu season is an all out terror for me. Any mention at a mom's group of another family having been ill the week before will literally send me running to my hand sanitizer stash. I freakishly wash my kids hands with soap and HOT water after any time spent in a nursery or play group. I am OCD about fully cooking meat and handling raw meat, etc. And I refuse to eat at any hole-in-the-wall restaurant I think may give me food poisoning. I'm really not sure what it is about throwing up that I hate so much, but I just hate it. Not just hate it though... FEAR it. Literally fear it. If I hear my kids make any sound even remotely similar to throwing up in the night, I get clammy.

I will say that thankfully my momma instincts have kicked in very well each time my kids have been sick and I've been able to step up and care for them as they've needed... but those have been my more challenging mommy moments for sure.

So go ahead, laugh at me. I know it's silly. But it really is a true fear for me. As in, it keeps me up at night often. I really have prayed about it a lot and I will continue too. So as silly as it is, it's a true fear.

Well, I feel awkwardly transparent now!!! But there you have it. :) 


Emily grapes said...

You're such a goof! Close your eyes as I paint this picture.. ;)

We were out eating when a kid and his mom stopped right by our table and he threw up...projectile. And then did it again.. and again. *_*

I couldn't look, I couldn't think, I couldn't eat anymore. I started to dry heave and had to leave.

Not my favorite, though I don't have a fear of doing it myself, I just don't care seeing all.

Emily at Amazing Grapes

Melissa said...

You only puked like once growing up, didn't you? Did morning sickness make you throw up? Ugh. It is the worst .. and we experience it so much as moms. I'm glad you've been able to push it aside when necessary! I wouldn't call it a fear for me, but it definitely makes a chill run down my spine. I feel for you!

Erika @ said...

Haha, you remind me of my friend Amy. Her post for this challenge was about the same fear!


Callie Nicole said...

I've heard other people mention the same thing! you are not alone. :-)

Beka said...

Oh Emily, my heart stopped for a second as I read your comment, fearing you were talking about me and my child! haha But it wasn't, I swear! I caught him up after the first vomit and the second went all over me as I rushed him to the bathroom! That was the SECOND time he has thrown up in a restaurant, showing no prior signs to being ill! I feel SO bad for the people surrounding us. And Claire, it would send you running in fear. If you ever come to New York again...let's NOT go out to a restaurant ;)

I loved your transparency. I hate throwing up, but can't count it as a fear. Which is good, since my kids seem to do it in excess!

Mine is bees! I look so ridiculous mowing the lawn when I see one, abandon the mower and run! Then repeat. lol My neighbors probably get a kick out of it.