A Thankful Heart

My days have been full.

We are preparing to move from our house here in AZ to an apartment. It's a complicated story, so we'll leave it at that. We were supposed to move today, but as it turns out we'll be leaving Friday instead. I'm excited to get moved so I can work on getting "settled" again (not that I truly know what that word means anymore!) But I'm excited to unpack... put things in their *temporary* place.

We hope to be in South Africa by June 1st. Lord willing. It's SO SOON! I can't even believe that 3 months from now we could really be there! Now all the planning must commence! There are visas... Peyton's passport... a home to secure, etc. It's an exciting, but busy time.

I have been spending my days the way I always do... as a Momma.

I love my cooking... I love my cleaning... I love my laundry... I love my Lysol. It might sound stupid, but I really do. I adore "wife-hood" and all that comes along with it. I love keeping a home and setting a table. A few years ago I would have laughed out loud at the idea... but I adore it now.

However, I have been slowing down. I have been setting aside the housework for more important things. Or, rather... a more important thing. (singular.) My daughter. I have been taking time out from my busywork and spending time just rolling around the floor with her... building blocks or naming colors. We've been practicing crawling together... eating cheerios... giggling at tummy tickles... I'm taking each moment as it comes... attempting to cherish my days with her. I know that all too soon, she won't be a baby anymore. I already can't believe she's not a tiny bundle swaddled in my arms anymore! Beyond that, I can't believe she's not just a few kicks and flutters in my stomach anymore! She's already grown so quickly...

I've been reading a blog about a very special little two year old girl who has cancer. Little Layla Grace. I am praying for her fervently. I weep every time I read what her parents are writing about this journey. Their faith and strength in the Lord is so inspiring, but their transparency is so gripping. They make me want to cherish the little moments with Peyton so much more than I do.

I have been humbled and convicted by their story. How often do I take forgranted the true gift of good health? Peyton is 9 months old and has never even had a sniffle. She has had one fever, and it was very slight and due to teething. She's never been sick. Praise be to Jesus. I am so blown away by His goodness. I am so thankful for His blessings.

What are you thankful for that you often take forgranted? I would encourage you to take a moment and read a little of Layla's story HERE. Lift her up in prayer. Go to battle for her. Our God is a God who HEALS!!!


Just Me said...

Oh I don't know why but this post made me teary eyed. I am praying for you as you move...that God's peace will settle you. I a praying for Layla. I am so excited with you as Africa is so soon! Keep me updated on what I can be praying for continually!

Brittany Ciara Sheets said...

Little Layla Grace's story has touched my heart as well. My aunt had such a terrible trial in having a child and then she finally had him. Six months after, she was lifted to Heaven after a horrible car accident. Angel, her first born, her most treasured blessing from God, is raised now by my mom and grandfather. I am extremely grateful that God allowed us that blessing as well, I can't see my life without Angel in it, and I think about why my aunt had to lose her life after giving life to the one thing she wanted most. God has His ways though and we must accept them. I will be praying for you as you make your move to a new temporary home, and may God bless you and your adorable family. :)

Anonymous said...

Moving house is so stressful, I've moved about 3-4 times this year. Don't plan on moving anymore, I've only just got settled where I am now.

Hope all goes well for you all & you get settled quickly :)

Maybe after youve moved and settled you could check out my blog? Im new to all this

Thanks x