Let the Countown Begin!

Yes, it is 4 am in my time zone. As you know, I had the stomach flu Saturday and Sunday... and because I took so many naps throughout the day yesterday, it's proving impossible for me to sleep tonight. Also, Bryan came down with the flu last night so it's been a restless night for everyone in our home. We're praying very hard that Peyton remains protected from the worst of this virus. She refused her dinner last night, but was able to nurse before bed. She has slept through the night so hopefully that's a good sign. I'm so anxious for this sickness to be on its way out the door!

Can you believe that in SIX weeks, we'll be moving to South Africa? It's so crazy. I don't even know how to begin to process it, honestly. It's so hard to wrap my head around the fact that everything we know as familiar is about to change. I know there's a lot of things I'm going to miss about America. This is my country... the world I grew up in. History was always my favorite subject in school because I loved studying the stories of how our country was born... and the things that made us great. And of course, I'm going to miss the people here the most. But it's not like we'll never be back to visit :) It's funny, because if I had my choice, I'd live close to my parents and share life with them. But God asked me to do something different, and I have to trust Him. I have to keep an eternal perspective. I'm not here to live for myself. I'm here to be a servant of God and to do what He asks of me, no matter the cost. It's not an easy life, but He never said it would be, right?

"Ships in the harbor are safe; but that's not what ships are for." 

Please keep us in your prayers in these final weeks. There are SO many emotions to sort through! Not to mention a million loose ends to tie up.


Brittany Ciara said...

My prayers are with you Claire. I think this is a wonderful thing and seeing things from the eternal aspect is amazing. I hope you and your family get better and the flu leaves you alone soon. May God continue to shower you in blessings.

leannenannette said...

Hello! I realize that you don't know me, but I've heard about you. Hmmm, maybe that was a strange way to start out. Lol. I'll just start at the beginning.

I have a blog over on Xanga. I "met" Melissa Reiner through our blogs. I found out that she was visiting Leigh this week...and that Leigh only lives 1.5 hours from me! So I met Melissa, Sophie, Leigh, and Norah yesterday for the first time! They talked about you yesterday, and I had heard about you from Melissa. And I saw pictures of you from Melissa's wedding.

Anyhow, I found your blog through Leigh's and just wanted to say hi while I was here. I'll certainly be keeping all of you in my prayers as you make this big move!

A Lil Story said...

Wow, I just can't imagine that big of a change! That is amazing and I know your family will be so blessed for your obedience! Praying for you~