Easter is about Grace.

How was your Easter? Mine was delicious. Literally. Delicious. 
Ham, sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, bread rolls, sweet carrots... it was heavenly. 
Jelly beans, Cadbury Creme Eggs, milk chocolate and marshmallows. It was DELICIOUS.

Peyton was thrilled about her first Easter egg hunt! Even though she only got to eat about 3 of the eggs out of her basket yesterday, she was still one toddler that was loving Easter :) She also got a couple adorable toys out of the deal and a whole lot of love from her parents, grandparents and uncle. 

These 2 beautiful faces are the best Easter presents any Momma could want!

But yesterday morning... before the ham and the candy... before the bunnies and the pastels... before the laughing and the memory-making... came a morning of RESURRECTION. 

We went to church Easter morning ready to celebrate the truest meaning of Easter. The LIFE given to us by the DEATH DEFEATING POWER of RESURRECTION. And what that truth represents is GRACE. Beautiful, unprecedented, undeserved GRACE.

My pastor preached a simple, short, but GUT WRENCHING message on Grace. We are so blessed to be in such a wonderful church where God's love is delivered UNDISGUISED.

My pastor showed this video about Grace. At first, I sat in my seat laughing along with it... and then a moment came. A moment that left the room full of people silent. Teary eyed. Solemn. All because of the remarkable revelation of God's grace that came in that same moment. 
Take 4 minutes out of your Easter Monday to watch this video. Let yourself revel in the beauty of GRACE today. Let yourself bask in the glory of RESURRECTED life... HOPE, LOVE and a SECOND CHANCE.


Stephanie M. Page said...

So good! So beautiful! =)

JimPastorJim said...

What a great video! I think it's very interesting that Mark 16 says, "go tell His disciples AND Peter"... as if Peter was no longer one of the disciples. Never noticed that before.

Callie Nicole said...

Amen, Friend! I'm glad you and your family had a good Resurrection Day! I wanted to watch the video, but my computer wasn't loading it fast enough, but I've got it starred so I can watch it later.

Truly His said...

So beautiful, Claire... love it!!