31 Week Bump Update & Morning Sunshine

Sorry this is a TERRIBLE quality photo.. and it's really JUST my belly haha.... But there it is... my belly at 31 weeks  with little Hunter :)

How far along are you? 31 weeks and 1 day :)

How big is baby? About 3.9 lbs (the size of a head of lettuce, lol)

Weight gain? 25 pounds (shudder!!!)

Maternity Clothes? more every day :) I still have a pair of jeggings that aren't maternity that I wear often, but more and more my maternity pants are calling to me! They are just so much more comfy! And I've definitely taken to wearing sweats more around the house :)

How are you sleeping? I've been sleeping well at night (aside from getting up a lot to pee!) but it's hard to get naps during the day. My body begs me for them, but it's not always practical with 2 little ones around. I try to nap when I can though, even for a few minutes at a time.

Movement? As with all my babies so far, YES! Lots and lots of it. I never have to wonder if he's in there... little Hunter is always reminding me of his presence with lots of rolls, kicks, jabs and flips! He does seem to settle at night which makes me hopeful that he'll be another good sleeper like Miss Britany :)

What I miss: I miss being skinny! Always! But beyond that I miss being able to accomplish all the things around my house that I'd like to. We are still very much in the renovation phase with this home and there are SO many little projects that I'm dying to get my hands on. But a lot of them have to do with painting, and even though I know they make paint with much milder fumes these days, it's freezing cold and the fact that I can't even practically crack a window while I paint makes me too nervous to do it. I'm looking forward to being able to get cracking at my to do list once Hunter gets here (whenever I have time between chasing 3 kids, of course!)

What I'm looking forward to? My mom is throwing me a baby shower on March 9th! I'm so excited! I can't wait to get together with some of my girl friends and get excited about this new little life inside me! And we are slowly but surely preparing Hunter's room and it's getting me really excited to meet this little man.


We are finally on the upswing from all the sickness that has been in our home! Both girls are on antibiotics for ear infections, and I'm glad they're on the road to recovery. 

I'm so thankful for the sunshine that's been pouring through my windows lately. The warmth of its rays remind me that there is a spring to every winter and a hope with every morning. As I reflect on the past few "seasons" of my life, I'm so thankful that God has been by my side through each step. He has used every moment to lead me to where I am right now, and I am so at peace with that. I have daily frustrations and disappointments, but the overwhelming sense of peace that "surpasses understanding" is ever present. God is constantly opening my eyes to new knowledge. I am learning to slow down in the crazy moments and seek quietness. I am learning the all important lesson that sometimes I need to stop being such a Martha, and practice being a little more like Mary. I have a tendency to rush around my home like a mad woman cleaning and cooking and preparing and........ and putting the emphasis on the temporary rather than the eternal. Because in the moments when I simply sit in His presence, sipping a cup of hot chocolate and feeling the warm sun on my face... those are the moments that will last. The floor will always need sweeping and the dishwasher will forever need unpacking. But the tenderness in my heart towards my Lord can easily be lost. I must submit myself daily to tending the fire of my soul. I must practice wonder and dwell in hopefulness. I must set my hands to a different "plow". Set aside the sponge and the polishing rag and pick up the Word and the praise. God will meet me. And my home will run all the more smoothly as a result. These are the things I have to remind myself of constantly. But praise God, He is patient. 


Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

You look so great! I wonder if I'd be a major Martha when I have kiddies. I'm such into order and being tidy, I think I'll have to remind myself of all that you are right now. Its comforting to know God is with us every step regardless though.

Beka Fox said...

You look beautiful! I cannot WAIT to see this little man! :)

Also. I love your little "devos" or "moments of inspiration!" Keep bloggin! Makes my heart happy!

Natalie said...

You have the cutest baby bump!

Leigh said...

thanks for that beautiful reminder of practicing God's presence, Claire. I've found it so hard to stay consistent with it this pregnancy, and I miss it. Thanks...And you look gorgeous, as always!

p.s. I need more photos of my nieces

Melissa said...

Looking beautiful, as always! And hey, we've both gained about the same amount of weight, and everyone is telling me I'm right on track .. so don't be too sad. You know it will come right off :)
I'm so excited you are having a baby shower! Yay for celebrating Hunter's little life!
I needed to hear the words you wrote. I'm in that place of acknowledging the importance of being a Mary, but my flesh fights it like crazy. I'm finding myself resting more and more as the days go by as Miles gets bigger and bigger .. it's been good for all of us.