Photo Dump

I'm feeling tired lately. Happy, thankful, at peace... but tired. I'm officially in the EIGHTH month of pregnancy and I'm feeling it! I had my 32 weeks appointment yesterday and was a little nervous about it because I've been having some contractions and pain. My OB checked my cervix and I'm 1 cm dilated and 50% effaced... but she's not concerned. She basically said that if this was baby #1, I'd be in the hospital, but with baby #3 we can really relax and bide our time. I'm to take it a little easy, but thankfully no bed rest at this point :) She will check me again in 2 weeks and we'll talk again from there. I'm so relieved that I'm not on bed rest again! I can't even imagine trying to do that with TWO kids! Doing it with one was difficult enough last time! So little Hunter is healthy and strong and staying put for now :) I'm over the moon!

I'm tired and uninspired, but I thought I'd throw a few photos at you since I'm normally so bad about doing that :) 

MY BIRTHDAY IS ON FRIDAY! I'm BEYOND excited! My amazing husband already got me a gift................. the cutest slippers EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. They are seriously amazing and don't ever leave my feet now. I'm in love... with both the gift and the giver :)

 My little dolls LOVE their nightly bath. It gets them all squeaky and ready for bed and they love having "picnics" and drinking up all the bath water *gag!* I just love watching the two of them playing happily together and splashing with each other :) I love their friendship.

Horsey rides with Daddy are ALWAYS a highlight!!!!! I'm so thankful my girls have a daddy who really knows how to make life fun for his little ones. He's certainly the hero around here :)  He's been doing TONS of work on our house lately and it's coming along so quickly again! (for any newer followers, we are renovating the house we're living in and it's been a long process!) He's been putting up a lot more trim which helps make the house look so much more clean and finished. The girls love helping him work, and I love watching him :) 

(sorry there's marker on her face! compliments of big sis!)
My poor Britany has been through almost every sickness in the book this past month! Her nose is still running a bit, but thankfully she's doing much better lately than she was for a while. It's sooooo good to see her wrinkly smile lighting up her face again :) *sigh* I love this princess!

Big sister is growing up SO quickly! She's becoming more and more obedient (DELIGHT OF MY HEART!) and is entertaining us constantly with her bubbly personality. She comes out with the funniest sentences and I love hearing her babble on and on! She says John 3:16 from memory every night and loves to sing all her favorite songs over and over again. She counts very well, draws amazing pictures (that actually really look like what she meant to draw!) and can spell her name. She also can pick out several letters from words. She impresses me with how she remembers animals, shapes and colors too. I'm so proud of her and her excitement for learning makes me excited to be her teacher :) Life is never boring with this one around!

Well, last but not least........... an image of our VERY messy play room after a day hard at play. I often can get a headache looking at a picture like this, but I want to remember it this way........ because this picture shows that my children have a good time :) And truthfully, so do I!

Have a blessed Monday! 


Amanda said...

i love love your slipper booties!!!! how adorable! :) you are looking beautiful too! what a fun update. i'm glad you all are doing good!

Shelly Ann said...

I love reading about your family and seeing your beautiful face!! Makes me so excited to have babies one day (Lord-willing). :)

Anonymous said...

Claire, your family is so sweet and I think of all the wonderful memories those girls are going to have together and so happy you are having a boy. You are SO blessed.

Beka Fox said...

I love that play room! They look like they had FUN!

Keep taking those pictures & posting! Love to see you and your little growing family! I can't wait to meet Hunter! :)

you are beautiful friend! Also
email me your snail mail addy! I want to send you a Birthday gift!


Natalie said...

You are so cute with your bump! Sounds like it won't be too much longer for you! And that playroom is way cleaner than my living room of toys!

Natalie said...

Oh and happy birthday girl!

Carly Anne said...

Your are looking fabulous. Congrats on being in the home stretch!

Krystle said...

You are stunning. I know you won't make it to 40...but I hope he stays put for several more weeks!
Praying for that little man and you!

Rachel said...

You look great, girl!
Prayers that all goes well from here on out! :)

LauraB said...

Oh my...I can't believe how big your girls are getting :) They are so stinking cute!! You truely have been blessed in your life!!(and I can't wait to see pictures of your little-man)

Praying for you through these next few weeks!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

So so sweet Claire! Love the photos.. your girls are precious :) I have an appointment today and been having some pain/ mild contractions (i think!) so I am anxious to hear what the doctor says... Thanks for your encouragement in your post (even though you may not know it!)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

You look wonderful!! Those boots look absolutely comfortable. I bet I wouldn't want to take them off either. :) I hope you don't have to go on bed rest at all, and baby Hunter stays put until all's clear for him to arrive. :)

Your girls are so sweet. I love that she's getting more obedient each day. She sounds precious!
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Brandy Jane Mabel said...

You are looking great! What a sweet family! I was on bedrest with 2 little ones at home and although it was NOT FUN God's provision was so beautiful in that season!

So glad to have stumbled here!

Brandy Jane Mabel

Melissa said...

So thankful Hunter is staying put and growing healthy and strong! You look beautiful, as always, and I LOVE your cozy new slippers! Jamie is still petrified to buy me any type of clothing or shoe item after an epic fail our first Christmas together, so way to go, Bryan!

Great photo dump! Your girls are looking SO grown up. Especially Peyton! How wonderful that you've hit such an obedient stage!!! Just in time with Mommy being a little extra tired. Makes all of that hard work worth it! Your girls have such spunky and beautiful little personalities, even from just looking at the pictures. You are so blessed!

If we're following our callings as mommas, our play areas SHOULD look like that every day! Keep soaking it in!!!