Pajamas and Rubber Boots

 Life is non stop these days.

My 3 amazing little ones keep me busy... but they also keep me happy. I'm learning to let go. To let go of the housework and embrace the fun.

Tonight, I took the trash cans out to the end of our driveway. Normally, my husband does that. Tonight, though, I did it. Just because I wanted to. I needed some fresh air. I took my just-turned-three year old with me. We traipsed down the drive in our rubber boots and chatted about life. We stomped through a puddle and we giggled at the way the gravel crunched under our soles. We joked about how silly we looked out and about in our jammies, and we stopped to talk about what color the neighbors cars were. We crouched at the edge of a puddle and watched a frog for a good ten minutes. She looked into my eyes and said, "I love you Mommy." just because.

Life may be busy, but I'm trying to keep my heart still. Because these are the moments I'll remember. Walking hand in hand with my little girl in our pj's and our mud boots. Watching a green frog hop through the puddle and listening to the peepers sing their evening song.

Someday, these moments will have passed.

I won't remember how shiny my counter tops were or how organized my kids dresser drawers were. But I will remember that tender expression in her blueberry eyes when she told me how much she loves being with me.

We came inside and I crawled in bed next to her. I watched her eyelids grow heavy and I listened to her breathe.

I want to slow it all down.

I can't believe Peyton is three. When did it happen?

When did my tiny baby learn to talk? To walk? To know her colors? To know what a frog is? She amazes me. She is so understanding. So tender. So fierce.

When I get stressed, exhausted and worn... her little hand will rest on my arm and she'll softly say, "Just relax, Mommy!" She's right, you know. What will happen if I leave dirty dishes for a night? Nothing. What will happen if I instead go and crawl into bed next to my daughter and share secrets and stories until she falls asleep? Amazing things. Closeness. Friendship. Love. Memories.

How I need these reminders!

I never thought I'd need to be reminded to enjoy life.

But life is too short and the days fly by too fast not to live in each moment... fully alive.


Haley Galloway said...

so beautiful. loved the pics of all 3 of your littles. cheers!

Emily grapes said...

Awww, what a sweet moment you 2 had. So glad you can enjoy those times!!

Those pictures are so sweet. You're looking good!! And your middle one's smile is too precious!!

Hannah said...

So true! Enjoy the amazingness while it lasts. My mom told me the last time I saw her, "I love you kids so much! I wish I'd had fifteen of you, but I guess five will have to do." Hah. You're going to reap great rewards for your faithfulness now... and you're doing a fantastic job!

Beka Fox said...

Love you girl! Praying for you always and this is such a REFRESHING reminder. <3

Melanie said...

Precious thoughts. Very precious moments.