Lighting Up

Tonight Bryan and I made a trip to Walmart. There are so many things we need before our big trip (which, no we haven't gotten our visas back yet, but with only a week left we are moving forward as though we will be able to go in faith the visas WILL come! AMEN!!! :)

We headed to the register with our cart full of random stuff... our cashier looked about mid-30s... super smiley and happy! She immediately made conversation with me... asking me all about my purchases, my night, Peyton, etc. We launched into this 15 minute chat about her son and his girlfriend, our trip to South Africa, and collagen mascara (of all things! ha!) We walked away with GENUINE well-wishes to have a nice night... with big beaming smiles meant to say that we both enjoyed each other's conversation.

As I walked away from her lane... Bryan and I talked about how wonderful it is when human beings acknowledge each other... lol you know what I mean? Like most of the time when you go to Walmart and check out, the cashier scans your items as quickly as possible, tells you what you owe, and then maybe throws a very half-hearted "have a nice day" your way. But other than that, you have no relationship with the face on the other side of the cash register.

Tonight, after I left Walmart, I literally couldn't stop smiling. Simply because that woman, a complete stranger, had taken a few minutes of her time to make conversation with me.

Humans were created for relationships.

I have been thinking so much about this lately... because since we've only lived in Arizona for a couple months, and since I've known that we would be leaving soon, I never made any friends here. Of course, there are people at church who I smile at... and the neighbor down the street who I wave to... but I don't have friends here. And because of that, I feel STARVED.. it might sound funny, but it's SO true! When someone in the mall or Walmart talks to me... I pounce on them! I'm so hungry for relationship! (whew, am I sounding creeper?) I went to Charlotte Russe the other day (shout-out to my favorite clothing shop!!!) and the sales girl who greeted me when I came in was soooooooo sweet. First of all she was the cutest little petite thing with long wild hair and the most adorable bohemian style... complete with gold accessories and gladiator sandals,... love love.... Second of all... she was the kind of girl who after talking to her for 5 minutes, you literally feel like you've known her your ENTIRE life and you honestly feel like you could share a secret with her. She's that personable. She immediately started asking me what I was shopping for, and started recommending different items to me... We stood talking for a few minutes... and I have to admit to you... I was THIS close to asking her what she was doing for lunch. I seriously have been THAT relationship starved these past couple months that I wanted to go for salads with the chick from Charlotte Russe who I JUST met!!! 

What can I say, I'm a relational girl. I love to surround myself with friends. And being here in Arizona... it's just been so hard. Bryan's been working 2 jobs... and we sold our second car (to get ready for the mission field) so I'm in the apartment all day with Peyton. It's been hard. I can't lie to you and say that it's been this amazing experience, because it hasn't. It's been so hard. 

I'm excited to go to South Africa and see what relationships God has in store for me there. I'm so ready. I'm so ready to get involved in a friend's life again and be able to pour out and be poured into in relationship! And to have my sister, Leigh nearby will be SUCH a huge blessing. I know that this has been a season of preparation and of waiting... and honestly... as I think about it.. before this I was a mentor at Bethany College of Missions and my FULL TIME JOB was relationships. Mentoring girls and setting an example to the student body... I was also working part time waitressing... dealing with all kinds of people... maybe God knew I needed a break from relationships... so that I could re-fuel and head to South Africa with this passionate drive to dive into godly relationships. Funny how hindsight is 20/20.

Please continue to pray that our visas will come through. The originals are still lost in the mail, but we were able to send a second application with copied documents. Read more about all of that (if you're interested) HERE


Anonymous said...

Hey Claire. Thank you for the comment, it truly encouraged me. I was just skimming over your blog and wow! I was wondering why it was called Fast Forward Girl. . . Yahweh really has had you in fast forward! What a beautiful family you have. You are a year older than me and married with 2 babes! Amazing! I love this so much because I have always desired to be married young and since the Lord has been changing my heart even more concerning the home... the desire has only deepened, but I am completely content where I am at the moment knowing each day I am single is a day to become more for my future husband. I look forward to reading more from you!


P.S- South Africa, what are ya'll doing there?

Anonymous said...

Me again! I was looking more around your blog and I saw a picture of your husband and his face looked really familiar... then I saw what your last name was. . . I went to The Honor Academy (South) and I knew a Chris Flores, I think it may be his brother??? Also I see you were involved with BCOM, I have many friends who were there! I'm gonna look you up on facebook :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, very good to "meet " you. . I look forward to reading your updates in South Africa, I have always felt a calling in missions but the Lord has me in a different season where I have a different missions field :) But Lord wiling I will be back on African soil once again as well . Yeah, I wasn't close friends with Chris but acquaintances.. we also were in a group together that traveled to all the battle cry's... Still trips me out how small the world really is! Blessings!